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“Did you enjoy being a guest of the state?”

Bill Murray is officially a National Treasure; I think it should be inscribed on his tombstone. Part of the reason for that is, frankly, he just doesn’t give a shit. Really.

Here’s a guy who’ll do complete dreck like “Charlie’s Angels,” class up and walk off with a guilty pleasure like “Wild Things,” actually pull off playing a mobster against Robert Effing DeNiro in “Mad Dog and Glory” (why don’t more people love this movie?), and score an Oscar nomination with “Lost in Translation” (and yeah, he should have won).

Continued proof positive that he’s a national treasure is in the GQ interview where he basically expounds on the fact that, well, he doesn’t give a shit. And no, he didn’t do “Garfield” for the money.

Like most folks, I wished Murray worked more. He long since passed the point of just doing whatever the hell it is that he wants, and that goes to show in something like “Zombieland,” where he shows up out of nowhere and owns that 10 minutes of the movie. Thusly, no matter how navel gazing and self indulgent Wes Anderson’s movies get, as long as he keeps getting Murray to show up and defy our expectations of the guy who ate the mysterious Baby Ruth bar out of the pool, we’ll continue putting up with the movies. For Bill.