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Oh sweet Jesus just make it all stop …

That sound you hear is the slow, painful back alley rape of your childhood.

I’m not entirely sure how you manage to take a pair of perfectly reliable comedic actors like Tom Cavanaugh and Anna Faris and plop them into one of the most blatant pieces of crap  to ever sully a movie screen. Go back and look at any animation with Yogi and Boo Boo; that wouldn’t have passed muster on a mid-90s Saturday morning cartoon. Compound that with the obviousness of ZERO interaction between the real-life characters and the animation. Consider “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Twenty years old and it managed to create a better illusion of animation and real life existing in the same plane than this thing.

And oh my God, could Cavanaugh look LESS enthused about being in this thing? Faris, who’s a far better comedic actress than she’s given credit for, has been in enough turkeys, this doesn’t shock us much, but Cavanaugh almost looks like the guest hosts on “Saturday Night Live,” like he’s reading the lines from cue cards just off camera.

I’d criticize Dan Ackroyd’s involvement in this, but hell, his integrity disappeared so long ago he just has the studio make his checks out to “CASH.”

Plea to Hollywood: Stop. This is it. This is enough. No more. No more raiding the collective childhoods of two generations in an effort to slap a name we may vaguely recognize in an effort to score easy cash. Find something original. Find something NEW, for the love of Pete.

Oh, and this thing being in 3-D just means it gets to suck in one extra dimension. Just sayin’.